Renzo Segni

A company man


Renzo Segni has been an employee of the CMC for over twenty years, now in command of the virtually empty facility in Mersa Fatma. The once bustling location of the mining company is down to a skeleton crew of employees with no oversight and Segni has taken advantage of this fact by using the massive building as his home as well as his job. The day to day operations seems to have fallen to his assistant, the Egyptian, Sinhue Djau and Renzo seems to have more interest in living the life of luxury with his multiple wives and endless array of children. He does seem to live in fear of church officials bothering him on this point, as evidenced by his fear of Fr. Carl Meinardus when the priest first arrived.

The investigators resorted to offering an exorbitant bribe to Segni for use of one of the company’s decommissioned trains, allowing them safe passage to Kolluli.

Renzo Segni

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