Savatree Sirikhan

The supposed leader of the Bangkok Cult


Savatree was the leader of the Bangkok cult, living in her secluded and crumbling mansion on the island of Ko Kruk. When confronted, the investigators were brought to her and thrown in pits to be used in a deadly hunt she had set up. In a strange ritual she had created, she had managed to attach a Minor Mouth to the bodies of Davis Lockhart and Julian Alexander as a way of making them better prey for her deadly games. She, herself, had two on her body.

However, the investigators lured her out and were able to defeat her in a brutal combat. The spell that turned Julian’s hand into a giant claw ended up being an equalizing factor in the fight.

Once she was killed, the investigators were able to search her mansion for clues.

Savatree Sirikhan

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