Trail of Cthulhu: Eternal Lies

Episode 47: Solace and Conclusion

As the investigators looked around the city of Savannah it was clear that this was the epicenter of the doom that had come to the world, with the coming apocalypse starting in this very locale. The ash that had piled up along the streets like snow drifts and several homes smoldering, there was no doubt this is where they had to make their final stand and confront Edgar Job.

Bethany Tibedeaux instantly determined that getting some automobiles in working order was tantamount to their plan while Howard Defoe provided directions on how to get to Joy Grove. However, the group instantly encountered more than one vortex of energy swirling in locations as well as an eerie blue light that seemed to bathe the entire city. Further, lighting bolts seemed to streak from the sky, adding to the danger.

Cars passed with families loaded with their belongings, making their way out of the town, staring at the investigators who traveled the opposite direction – towards the danger of Joy Grove. With Julian Alexander driving one car and Davis Lockhart driving the other, they started their journey. But it was only moments before they were struck by lightning, seemingly directly targeting their approach. The cars were struck but fortunately only Dr. Ju-no Sinn was harmed.

Upon reaching Joy Grove, they saw exactly the dangers they faced. Every tree on the grounds had been felled by lightning, inmates walked freely on the grounds and the west wing of the madhouse had collapsed and was on fire. Carefully they approached the facility with Davis creating a makeshift lightning rod in hopes of avoiding some of the uncanny electrical attacks. Dr. Yuri Ivanov carefully approached one of the inmates that appeared more lucid and asked about Edgar.

The inmate explained that Edgar was seen as a dangerous person. He had been struck by lightning over a dozen times and inmates – as well as staff – tried to kill him but he seemed invulnerable to the attacks. This, clearly, impacted one of their back up plans, which was to kill Edgar if it came to it. Apparently, that was off the table. But the inmate stated that Edgar used to spend a great deal of time on the back lawn which is immediately where the investigators went. But the inmate issued a dire warning – be careful of the shadows as they came alive to attack and seemingly corners and angles were powered by the apocalypse, as well. It was clear that the dangers involved shadows, corners, lighting, radiation and vortices.

They saw the lake which dominated the back, hissing and bubbling which, under the circumstances, was hardly a surprise with everything else they encountered. Inmates casually played croquet on the lawn, oblivious to everything around them. Carefully they approached the remains of Joy Grove, still bathed in a sinister blue light.

They found the inside of Joy Grove actually worse than the outside surroundings. Inmates clattered and screamed, shadows attacked, hurting some of the investigators, as if trying to prevent their approach. The one staff member they found (or at least someone wearing a staff uniform) was clearly a shattered mind and tried to give them instructions to Edgar’s room. But when they found the corridor to Edgar’s room, it was among the area of the asylum that had collapsed.

The strange phenomena they discovered in this area was best left untouched. The doors that bulged and leaked some kind of energy were best left unmolested for they were here for a singular purpose. Eventually they found a door to the basement which seemed to have the heaviest concentration of blue light. Clearly Edgar was down there.

They encountered a massive array of cabinets, boxes, desks and other rubble blocking their way, forming a barricade. Howard tried to move a few pieces to get a better look and when he called out for Edgar, Edgar responded but claimed he wished to be left alone. But Howard’s reassuring voice, wanting to speak with Edgar, clearly got to the inmate and he moved the barricade allowing the familiar face and his friends to come through.

It was one of the operating theaters – a completely round room, safe due to the lack of angles and corners. It was here that Edgar sat, bathed in the blue light and was the center of the gaze of Azathoth himself. The investigators began to explain the situation to Edgar, trying to convince him that he alone could stop the destruction of earth and that Ramon Echavarria had used him back in 1924 as a pawn and sacrifice to the schemes of the Outer God. They mentioned that Edgar friend, George Ayers would want Edgar to do this and that George had overcome the madness and insanity of Echavarria’s insane plot. But just as Edgar was considering his options, another figure appeared in the room, seen only by Julian.

Julian instantly recognized the shawdowy figure as Nyarlathotep, the herald and forerunner to Azathoth as well as his vile messenger. Nyralathotep began whispering his sinister words in Edgar’s ear which seemed to sway Edgar in an opposite direction of trying to save the world.

Bethany explained that opening a Dimensional Gate and asking Edgar to go through was the only hope Earth had from escaping the inevitable destruction Azathoth would bring. Every man, woman and child and beast would be destroyed and all of the great accomplishments that mankind had created would be undone in an instant. Edgar could prevent all of this. As Edgar was being swayed back to the investigators’ position, Nyralathotep revealed himself to the horror of those present and attempted to destroy them, focusing his rage on Bethany. However, Julian, in an act of selflessness, jumped in front of her and was almost killed instantly as the burn of the outer planes rained upon him.

It was at that moment that Bethany knew she had to make the ultimate argument and the ultimate sacrifice. She stated that she would accompany Edgar into the horrors of the void if it meant saving everyone. Edgar quietly agreed, the the rage of Nyarlathotep. Dr. Ivanov quickly formed a gate that opened into an alternate dimension. The good-byes were quick as they knew Azathoth’s messenger would try and stop them. With one final tear in their eyes, Bethany and Edgar departed through the gate, saving humanity.

Then all went quiet. The blue light subsided. Humanity was saved.

For now.

Epilogue 1: Three Weeks Later

The papers were promoting the peace and prosperity and clean up happening in the United States and around the world and President Roosevelt claimed that the crisis had ended. For better or for worse the world was oblivious to the efforts by a small group of people.

At the home of Janet Winston-Rogers, that small group of people had assembled – investigators from the 1937-1938 fight against Y’Golonac and Azathoth had gathered for a bittersweet reunion. For Frankie Fawn, pilot who had taken the team everywhere was on her way home from India. This was to be a joyous time as everyone who had survived would raise a glass to remember fallen friends: Chakar Singh Kalsi, Lord Edward Homeward, Professor Marvin Derrikson, Fr. Carl Meinardus, Warren Barrow, Dr. Nikita Kolokov and a dozen others who had fought against the cult. Most importantly, Bethany Tibedeaux and Edgar Job, whose sacrifices made it possible for humanity to live. Prayers were stated, glasses were raised and memories shared of these great fallen heroes, made complete when Frankie arrived and it was clear that Dr. Ivanov had a special place in his heart for her.

Janet mentioned to Howard that Elena Alcatruz, a woman he had fallen in love with in Mexico City was also arriving as she was excited to see him.

But despite the love in the air, they still dwelt on the sacrifice that others had made, especially Bethany.

Epilogue 2: One Year Later

The weddings between Dr. Ivanov and Frankie as well as Elena and Howard were joint, spectacular affairs, paid for by Janet and again they remembered their friends on this special day.

Epilogue 3: Someplace and Sometime

Bethany and Edgar, from some place beyond, looked down and smiled on their friends, happy for their blessings and Bethany knew they would be fine, loved and appreciated the rest of their days.

Thanks for an awesome campaign everyone!


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