Truly, this being is unknowable.

Azathoth’s precise appearance is only hinted at throughout the Mythos, and indeed may be unknowable by mortal beings. It is described as occupying a position outside of the universe, where it is attended by a cohort of alien servants who continually bathe it with the sounds of pipes and drums. Though it is the ruler and possibly creator of all existence, it is described as “a blind idiot god,” oblivious to the universe and the beings within it. Despite this, it does have a will of its own, as it issues commands to Nyarlathotep, its messenger and avatar.

Those daring to oppose the Elder Gods who ruled from Betelgueze, the Great Old Ones who fought against the Elder Gods…were instructed by Azathoth, who is the blind idiot god, and by Yog-Sothoth….

Ye blind idiot, ye noxious Azathoth shal arise from ye middle of ye World where all is Chaos & Destruction where He hath bubbl’d and blasphem’d at Ye centre which is of All Things, which is to say Infinity….


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