Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the City of Angels, is the location where the 1924 Incident had its fiery and lethal climax, is also the central location for what was Ramon Echavarria’s cult which was a sexually depraved and drug-fueled group of hedonists who worshiped an entity called Gol-Gorath . . . or perhaps not.

Edison_Bldg_ca1930.jpgThe investigators secured a private penthouse apartment (West 4th Street Apartment and their own autombile (1930 Dusenberg). From this location they used it as a launching pad to conduct their investigation into a variety of people and a variety of locations.

Allies in Los Angeles include Det. Trent Huggins, a member of the LAPD who warned the investigators about corruption and violence on the police force.

Present on the streets of LA seem to be the drug once peddled by the Echavarria cult, a substance known as Nectar which is still being peddled by a figure known only as ‘Captain Walker.’

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Los Angeles

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