Lot 32 File

Lot_32_File.jpgThe Lot 32 File is the name given to the large file into the criminal investigation into what happened in August of 1924, at the farmland marked at Lot 32 in Compton in Los Angeles.

The file is a series of thick folders of documentation of what the police found in 1924 at Lot 32 in August of 1924. Officially, it tells the story of dead heroin abusing members of a sex club for the wealthy and privileged whose final gathering descended into an orgy of violence for no clear reason.

The gathering took place and the bodies were all found in or near an otherwise unused barn on agricultural land (Lot 32). The property had not been farmed and was owned by Ramon Echavarria.

the barn was on fire when the police arrived and nearly all the dead had already expired. The remainder all succumbed to their wounds after the police arrived. Most of the bodied has been grossly mutilated, although a few had been shot instead (or in addition to) sustaining other wounds. A medical examiner’s report suggests that a wild animal (or animals) were responsible for many of the wounds which were more consistent with biting and chewing than man made weapons.

The report notes that some of the bodies were found in flagrante delicto

The roster of the dead included, among others:

Ramon Echavarria, Richard Spend, Vincent Stack, and Katherine Clark. Dr. Kullman was never found but his wheelchair was found near an automobile.

Trails of blood and footprints suggest that at least one, and likely several others escaped the events but were never found by the police.

One detective, Trent Huggins, debunks the idea that a wild animal could have caused the gross damage that the medical examiner attests to because the relatively obvious timeline was too short.

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Lot 32 File

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