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Welcome to the Eternal Lies Wiki page. What will unfold are a variety of pieces that need entries but may not fit anywhere else. Below are listings for items and clues that will be found ‘in game’ and at the bottom a growing collection of useful resources for players, more so than for characters. As the campaign grows, so will the references and various links.



A listing of numerous thrilling locations that the characters have experienced will be housed here for future reference.

It is often difficult to recall, in detail, every last mansion, eerie mine or spooky town one visits in a Mythos investigation, so it is best to keep track of them. They often need to be referenced for a future investigation. Besides, it gives things a sense of consistency and realism.

Everything from thrilling locations to mysterious hubs of cult activity will end up materializing on the list.


In investigations into the unknown, it is not uncommon for unusual items to be found and examined. Those will be listed here.
The kinds of things to be listed might take the form of moldy tomes, shreds of mysterious papers, odd weapons, ancient statutes, unusual pieces of jewelery and so on.

Its often very important to know who has what and more specifically, who is in possession of various items. When characters suddenly disappear, it could be that they had, in their possession, something vital.

Creatures and Entities

No horror adventure would be complete without a catalogue of creatures and a menagerie of beasts encountered. They will be safely contained here.

Often there is very little that is known about creatures in the Cthulhu Mythos so whatever details that can be pieced together need to be carefully cataloged.

It may be useful from time to time to go back and see how a creature was defeated or dealt with in the past.


Not every entity encountered is a vile creature or subhuman creature from the depths. Certain adversaries – or allies – come in a much more terrestial form. While many of these entities are dedicated to evil, there are some which have pure motives or somewhere in between.


Clues are a critical element to any investigation into the Cthulhu Mythos. Those will be housed here.

They might be small pieces of information of they could be the numerous letters and journals that find their way into Cthulhu investigations.

Outside Resources and Links


All manner of interesting things that the players may find useful in their endless investigations into the strange and unknown. But mostly character sheets . . .

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