Narcotics Ledger

accounting_images.jpgA mysterious ledger was found when examining the safe deposit box from the Bank of Long Beach. The ledger, which was heavily coded and prepared by a professional accountant (later determined to be Abraham Buchwald) was deciphered and determined to contain extensive records of drugs sales called ‘N’ (later discovered to be the drug, Nectar). The sales, going from July 1918 to July 1924 were recorded in meticulous detail. The ledger was apparently stolen from Buchwald’s office and placed in the safe deposit box along side the Blackmail Photos.

What the 1924 Investigators seemed to piece together was that cult leader, Ramon Echavarria had a massive drug trade on the side, pulling in large sums of cash that fueled his parties, debauched lifestyle as well as his cult. In the ledger, Buchwald was referred to as ‘Towncar’ and Echavarria was referred to as ‘Black.’

Obviously, the ledger was intended as some kind of leverage against Echavarria as well as other cult members in case the 1924 Investigators needed to use it. Since the 1924 Investigators were disbanded in August of 1924, they never had the chance to use it and the current investigators made use of the material to help track down the activity in Los Angeles.

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Narcotics Ledger

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