Nectar is the name given to the mysterious drug produced by Ramon Echavarria from 1918 to 1924 in Los Angeles. After Echavarria’s death, someone has taken over production of the narcotic and seems to be produced or distributed (or both) by a mysterious individual known as ‘Captain Walker.’

The properties of Nectar are, as of yet, unknown, and the current distribution chain is, as well, a mystery. However, in 1918 the accounting of the drug was detailed in the Narcotics Ledger prepared by Abraham Buchwald.

The drug appears to be a narcotic with effects of sexual drive and perverse passion.

A sample of Nectar was procured by Lord Edward Homeward at the Hollywood party of director Colm Soames. When analyzed, it was discovered to have properties of animal, vegetable, mineral and fungus. Most disturbingly, it has the same common strands as the Secretion Goo that was discovered at Joy Grove Sanitarium in Savannah, Georgia. This meant that the drug that people were using, including Howard Defoe, came from a mysterious Minor Mouth.

What did it mean that so many people were deriving ecstasy from such a horrible origin? It is suspected that proceeds of the drug are propping up cult activities in Los Angeles as well as providing cult members, and unsuspecting users with a sexual high.

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