Testament of the Dripping Mouths' Emanates

Trammel_s_Testament.jpgWhereas the details are somewhat unclear, this horrific blasphemous text was found in the Pasadena mansion of Samson Trammel and appears to be a decade long testament of his observations, ravings and experiences with a variety of entities and foul secrets. The only reason this item has not been burned so that no other individual would come into contact with it is because important clues are still needed from it.

Bethany Tibedeaux had the dubious honor of being the first person to read this bizarre text. While a threat to her very stability, she did uncover a number of important clues:

  • Trammel believed that the Gol-Gorath angle was a hoax, perpetrated by Echavarria, for some unknown reason, as a smokescreen to fool most cult members.
  • Trammel claims that Nyarlathotep was the true patron of the cult and that Nyralathotep had come to him, declaring Trammel to be the new cult leader.
  • Correspondence from a mysterious ‘S.S.’ from an address in Bangkok suggested that S.S. was an equal of Trammel’s in the cult and that Trammel and his followers should come to Bangkok and participate in their fights. The location to get to the fights involved some kind of orchid shop with the code words: I’m looking for the Fights.
  • Correspondence from someone in Malta, suggesting that an agent there, Montgomery Donovan, was overseeing Nectar production. This production seemed to be tripled overnight due to certain sacrifices that were made due to activities that seemed ‘pleasing to the Most Holy of Orifices.’
  • Correspondence from someone in Mexico City that discusses how the Mouth can be used in song. Speculation, by someone with the initials ‘J.B.’ wanted to spend more time and money investigating the possibility of sound recording. However, Trammel seemed quite dubious of this possibility and both seemed increasingly fed up with one another.

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Testament of the Dripping Mouths' Emanates

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